6 Best Carpet Extractors of 2022: What’s The Best For Your Facility?

Carpet extractors are an important piece of janitorial floor maintenance equipment that can be used to deep clean the commercial carpets in your facility.Commercial carpet extractors differ in size...

May 27, 2022
How To Change a Floor Pad or Brush on an Auto Scrubber

Is it time to change the floor pad or brush on your auto scrubber? The pad driver or brush on your machine needs to be removed and stored after each use. Pads also need to be changed regularly in o...

May 05, 2022
How To Use An Auto Scrubber To Clean Your Commercial Hard Floors

Knowing how to use an auto floor scrubber is key to cleaning commercial hard floors safely and more efficiently.With an automatic floor scrubber, cleaning your commercial hard floors can be done wi...

April 28, 2022
Auto Scrubber Maintenance: How to Maintain a Floor Scrubber After Use

Keeping your auto scrubber in peak condition will make sure that your team is able to clean your floors thoroughly and efficiently throughout the year.

April 21, 2022